Thailand's effort in combating IUU fishing

Thailand's effort in combating IUU fishing

วันที่นำเข้าข้อมูล 22 May 2015

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24 April 2015,

As a consequence of EU issuing a yellow card to Thailand over IUU fishing, the Sub-Committee agreed to continue its effort in reforming the whole system of fishing sector. It would also work to boost confidence of and ensure all related organizations, domestic and overseas, that Thai fishing sector would be improved within the next 3 months. The Thai Government and related agencies expressed no worry on the visit of EU representative this May to follow up on the progress of Thailand’s IUU fishing solution, and stand ready to make clarification to all queries and doubts.

Within the next two weeks, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will propose an urgent plan to address fishing sector problems to the Cabinet. Draft revision of the Fishing Act has already been approved by National Legislative Assembly, and will be enacted 60 days after being published in the Royal Gazette. Meanwhile, concerned agencies also work on two additional efforts which are to draft organic laws, and to issue an emergency decree to tackle issues that are not covered by the Fishing Act and its organic laws. Nevertheless, the meeting came to terms that there was still no need to use Section 44 of the interim constitution to address IUU fishing.

Deputy PM Gen. Prawit also emphasized all concerned agencies to be well aware of their respective role and duty. Meetings will be held once every two weeks to follow up on the progress. Ministry of Foreign Affairs was assigned to clarify the matter with EU, while Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be liaising with the private sector.

PM Prayut insisted that the Thai Government had been putting utmost effort in addressing IUU fishing in all dimensions for several months now, and stood ready to cooperate with EU in correcting the faults. It commits in eliminating IUU fishing and boosting confidence of the global community on Thai fishing sector in a bid to promote expansion of Thailand’s fishing product export. All concerned sectors, public or private, must work harder to achieve tangible results in the next three months.